samedi 19 décembre 2015

Room Tour

Yo back here. I pass some exam this week, I had a lot of art work to do (that I will share here). Also I still have some exam to pass after the vacation but for now I take a break, clean my house and sew.
Some days ago I took pics of my home to share it to you. Because I'm kind of a psycho when it comes tu decoration so here we go:

I made this flower ceiling from dumpster dived flowers and I'm pretty proud of it. Now I put the giant fly I made (for art lesson) in it.

My room, with thrift shop / dumpster dived nightgown, +  Jacket I pimped.

Also big vagina painting and art corner.

Messy stuff.

The kitchen is a place I love so I decorated it as well. You can see a bit of my teapot collection (maybe I'll make an article about that one day)

+ My very special fruit sticker collection.

 Then the living Room with things and stuff.


Dvd collection & also LoL piece of art I never ended lmao.


 Feat my foot.

 Don't see the point of over commentating If you have any questions on stuff go on~

samedi 5 décembre 2015


Yo, I didnt write as much things this month because I didn't felt like writing actually. I planed a weekend in Paris two weeks ago . I wanted to visit cool art, see my friends and all and talk here about all the cool things. But during the first night I was there, those horrible things happened. So I ended up with mixed feelings and I had to change my mind before coming back here.

So i did nothing really special since then. Actually I didn't even really work for school, anyway back soon.