samedi 19 juillet 2014


Hey I didn't post in a while because I worked a lot at my job and all...
I also hung out everytime I as the time to. I see some old friends, Fanny and Coline, that I use to have no time to see in a while..

We end up at a really weird exposure about comics. There was several spots where you could print the casino game comic on a bying tickett, and where you have to pedal on an old bike to read the comic, or open/close/open/close an old fridge or pin a voodoo doll or hit th wall with a flyswatter.

I also went in Paris on the firsts days of july. I was cool I saw friends That I also didn't saw in a while and we thrifted and went to the bubble tea it was cool!

And please help I don't know what to say about this?

And we find out this amazing Vespa

(this could be my future blog's name)

I made some interesting art.

And saw this! Super collector flamingo!!

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  1. Le Vespaaaaaa est totalement parfait ;A; et puis aussi ta coiffure làààà, c'est super beau tout ce rose (sérieux si je te shoot, tu pourras faire ça comme coiffure? ça te vas trooop bien). (et le milshake aux avocats devait être trop bon)