mercredi 23 juillet 2014

Lasts snaps I liked

Girl on the left -obviously- AND THAT E-T TEE + little cute bow + cool hairstyle

Still left the combow short+skirt all perfect +the bagpack

idk I don't really each part appart but it seems everything's really fit 

perfect? + over transparent dress? bbbbbrrrrrrr

Color combooooow+ that weird transparent sweater? omgg

HAIR. + hidden tee. and clothes shape.

- Ode au sacs à dos -
Why do I love bagpacks? Because it's just too cool to be true. 1) it hurt your back a little less than hand bag 2) that little childlish/adventurer side THAT YOU CAN'T DENY. it's that simple. nothing make your outfit a bit "adventurer" for an "adventuring day" that a BAGPACK. plus Bagpack can contain wa much adventuring things like a knife or water bottle and all. PLUS secret pockets.
I said it.

samedi 19 juillet 2014


Hey I didn't post in a while because I worked a lot at my job and all...
I also hung out everytime I as the time to. I see some old friends, Fanny and Coline, that I use to have no time to see in a while..

We end up at a really weird exposure about comics. There was several spots where you could print the casino game comic on a bying tickett, and where you have to pedal on an old bike to read the comic, or open/close/open/close an old fridge or pin a voodoo doll or hit th wall with a flyswatter.

I also went in Paris on the firsts days of july. I was cool I saw friends That I also didn't saw in a while and we thrifted and went to the bubble tea it was cool!

And please help I don't know what to say about this?

And we find out this amazing Vespa

(this could be my future blog's name)

I made some interesting art.

And saw this! Super collector flamingo!!