lundi 12 mai 2014


The other day we went in Nantes with my friend Charlie to see Laurine, we drink at "le lieu unique" where an art exhibition took place. Then we ate at a Libanese restaurent. That was a great time, we talked a lot about our plan of making a big partie this summer for our 20's with Charlie.

For this day a made a whole new outfit with my new denim top! I also didn't mix ever those tee x skirt!
I was kind of proud!

I pull my tee to make the writing just fit in that place!

 and also here my crown under the Sunlight!

Huhuu Laurine with a perfect derpface, she weared an amaaaziing really big top, and just can't describe it but it was perfect. Her shoes was also really perfect.

Weeelll About the art exibit, that was from "JÉRÔME ZONDER" an artist that make really weird art, always in black and white as I saw. Sometimes its drawings are childlish sometimes gore, but always chocking here two of his art that I saw:

All of this was exposed in big little hours shaped like in kid's drawings, with little square window or even in a drown wood. The masterpiece was the portrait of a little girl. It was huge like twice my height.
I really liked.

Anyway I go to Paris on thursday and friday to see my boyfriend and as he have to go to school, I'll have plenty of time to visit things so I'm quite impatient!

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  1. Mooow, ta tenue trop parfaite, ce haut en jean est trop cool, puis toute ta tenue entière là avec ta couronne tes cheveux perffff c'est tout cool le tout, c'est beau ♥ Puis le gros haut de Laurine avec ses chaussettes et ses chaussures trop cool lààà~