vendredi 23 mai 2014

I went to Deyrolle!

First of all I went to Paris for two days. I arrived very late at night after my dayjob. Then I had two days in town with my boyfriend having school. So I had hours for making things alone or with my friends~
The first morning ( thursday morning ) I walked for like two hours and saw some cool things:

I went to a really weird and glaucous pastry stuff shop like very old and dark.

Then I bought some kawaii stationary and than I went to some thrift shop. I definitly wouldnt exhort you anymore to go to kiloshop because it became crazylyy expensive.

So I went right next to kiloshop (after I saw some 30€ denim short in the kiloshop) and find the most amazing piece of cloth of my life. (I'll post an outfit with it in my next post)

Then I ate with my friend Maelle♥ on the dock of the Seine. After that we went to THAT great place. The Deyrolle shop. it was amazing! Downstairs it just a simple gardening/bookery shop. But. Upstairs. It's becamin crazy.
Any french people know the expression "Cabinet de Curiosité", wich totaly suit this shop.
So it was a taxydermy shop with many animal, a shell corner and an Insect on.
Most of the animals were really expensive. But to me this is how it has to be. Expensive. So maybe people would take care of it. like a piece of collection, not like an object.

Anyway I learnt that the shop gets on fire last year and they made out an art book of that, with all the burned animals and all.
That was a really special great Idea I guess.

The next day I went with Maelle to the "Tatoueurs, tatoués" exposure. It was very about all the past history of the tattoo, I really liked but I wish there was a little more big part for all the contemporary tattoo.

Next, Maelle went to school and I went to Montmartes to meet my friend Manon! We walked a lot we went to a little thirft shop and WE GOT A FREE BEN AND JERRY'S and we sat in front of Montmartres to talk. She took me to a little shop of gemstone but it was time to go to the train station to go back with Martin to see Maxime le Forestier's concert with Martin's family


 Cute outfit for mnon with PERFECT SLIM LIKE SKIRT/DRESS.

Outfit for a hot day to me the pantie and croptop are from forever 21~

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  1. Je connaissais pas Deyrolles (et pourtant j'habite sur Paris maintenant haha...) mais tu m'a donné terriblement envie d'aller y dessiner <3

    1. J'en ai entendu parlé dans un bouquin genre "les coins fou a visiter en France" ils parlaient aussi du musée des arts forains à Paris mais il faut s’inscrire au visites en avance pour y entrer...

    2. Ben ça aussi ça me botte bien tiens!!
      Je suis allée faire un tour sur leur site, c'est magnifique *u*

    3. oouiii ça à juste l'air trop magique pour être vrai ;-;