mercredi 7 mai 2014


So I'm in a day off, my new job is really cool, it's been nearly a month that I started to work.
I'm between the kitchen the bar and the service so it's very various and all. We try to really work with homemade recipe and bio product so that's cool too!

Anyway this job how awesome it is, is really taking me times, like I work from 9 am to 9pm sometimes, maybe less or more, it depend.
I don't really have time to see my friend on working day as I used to duh.
But this job is a great opportunity for me to learn how work a business and many other things!

Anyway maybe this rythme help me to have productive days? So today I made a shell crown:

So I'm a bit proud of myself he! Also I bought new candles~ (I guess I'll never burn this marvelous pink one)

Anyway the big big news is

I made a stick and pock on my toooeeessss, and I like it! The "GOOD" is more blend pecause I was a bit tired and my mom was coming back home. But still!

I'll work on it again to make it darker and maybe add a little something on each tiny toeeess!
I also get back on my little heart in the inside of my legg and it's looking quite great to me!

So big point, as I showed you on my last last post, I used my friend's needle and it was way easier and even more fast, because those tattoo needle are specific (made for tattooing 3or 5 point instead of only one for a common needle)

BONUS: Here a chinese Pizza Hut fidelity card founded on a package of buttons and zip from china in my last job! (the secret new masterpiece of my collection)


too much bonus kill tho bonus

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  1. nieunieunieuuu il est trop beau ton serre-tête, j'adooore. Tes stike n poke sont trop cool aussi, oh puis avec l'aiguille spéciale ça doit être vachement plus simple. (hahaha les petits gifs, t'es trop chou sur le dernier)