mardi 29 avril 2014

Room tour

I told you I wanted to make a room tour post so heeeere I am.
As you'll see it my room is colorfull and

I love puting tons of things everywhere, for many people it's too much but not for me, This room is like my inside, I put what I like everywhere.

I also love candles, and thrift a lot, I buy books and I find this dog under a trash in Paris, poor little puppy...

I collect shell shaped things, you can see them in the pictures I took!

My boyfriend built me this miror, inside you can see yourself as people see you, not like a simple miror, thats so cuuuute (and magical blbll)

I put my instax pic in those books, and I fill this perfume bottle with saint water.

This is the best candle I have (the mushroom) and I decorate the bottle myself

Rings, hairpin and pins and my nailpolish all over it

My beloved Slim

My boyfriend bought me this lamp for my 19' birthday, I really love it (even if the american electrical outlet don't match in my french house)

Next to my bed

Over my bed

These are from my first tattoo, and my first hand pocked tattoo, I keep them I love it.

I find all of this while thrifting and to be honest hawaiian music is just truly awesome.

My accessorieees

Butterfly from etsy (I guess I won't buy any other because it's kind of sad) the little dress is thrifted and I found the flower crown on the floor in Paris.

The end. I'm kind of very impatient to share a flat and DECORATE IT SO MUCH, you can't even. I have so much things, I love having those things I'm sad when something's broke..
I hope you like and find those pictures kind of inspirating ♥

Hey hey

During those day I didn't post I start my new job that is cooooool (I'll talk about it). I saw My friend Laurine and Charlie for an awesome day in Nantes where we saw some work of art, and an opening of an exposure. We also went on the sea side for like 2 hours (yolo)

This is my favorite outfit for now because THAT KILT. It's my masterpieeeece (okay after my jacket)


Anyway. I bought things for cooking and stuff annndd stuuuff

(cake pop stuff, presentig plate and honey spoon)


mercredi 16 avril 2014


During january and February I didn't had any job. My last ended at the end of December, and this on was so hard and not having a job put me so down. That was an hard time for me. Anyway then in March I Start working at the job of my mother. So basically I work for big brands like Ikks, Gaultier, and so on. I count zip, buttons, patch, and all for like 200 piece of a teeshirt in 3 size or a dress or legging or jean. And I pack them. This is kind of interesting, I see many different things, and some really cool like 50€ swarovsky piece (for kid's jacket LOL) and many other cooooool things. But it also can be boring as hell with bitch/dumb co-worker. And some 500 little of a 2000 pack that fell on the ground and so on. For my next job I will work with the familly of my boyfriend in a cool snack, that's a really good thing and I hope it would be great. I'll make the waffle and club sandwichs and cake and allllll that will be greaaaaat (I'm a bit exiting about it. I'll make some new article about my day with Laurine and Charlie I swear but anytime I want to take a pic of my pola the light is too bad (aw).. And I may also make a room tour because I quite like my room even if it's waaay tooo smaaall... And I also want to talk to you about the amount of zine I received lately!

vendredi 11 avril 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I saw "The Grand Budapest hotel" several weeks ago with my Best Friend Charlie. I won't talk about the story, because I don't really find it that good at all (but not that bad hey!). Anyway I guess it's all about the visual and it totally satisfies me.

I've decide to bought the really big poster of the film before seeing anything of the movie. Just because the Hotel look totally awesome and surreal. I put it right in the top of my bed head. It's Majestic.

The weirdest thing I find about this movie, while a family dinner I told my cousin that I wanted to see it and the first thing they told me is "this movie really rule the communication" and that's right. There were poster all over bus's stop in Nantes and so on. And even now 7 weeks after, it's still diffused in some cinema. Anyway.

After a little research you can actually find that "The Republic of Zubrowka" nor "The Grand Budapest hotel" does really exist (woooow what a news).

 But  it's  really  inspired  by  "the spa city 

None of the movie happen there but it was  apparently a great source of
inspiration for Wes Anderson.

Many scenes of the movie were shot in a studio with a green background and weird shaped place for more camera possibility. I just find it crazyly interesting.


There is a big thing in this movie about Mendl's pastry (that doesn't either exist ). Anyway many people tries to make theire own kind of Mendl's "Religieuses":

I guess there are the one that look the most like the movie, if it doesn't come from the actual movie.

I Guess I'll try too. but anyway here a like for a tutorial of thoses, and even a tutorial to make Mendl's Van shaped cookies.

Ho and about the famous pain of the movie, Michael Taylor paint it for the movie. It was inspired by Renaissances's paint style.

mardi 8 avril 2014

"Du future faisons table rase"

On the 29th of March we went to an art show named "Du futur faisons table rase" made by Théo Mercier (the guy who create spaghettits monsters and many freaking things).

This show took place in Creteil's exposition "Exit". There was many big, cool and interactive things and we really had fun!

The first project was at the begining this would represent the world and population's evolution, this was also about germs (in the round boxs you can see), crossed by a light that color the "world" .
I find it totally awesome!

There were things with mirrors and amgnifiying glasses, and a wonderfull thing that projeted a multiplicated and colored video of you on a wall.
There were a thing that looked like a circus whit kaleidoscope projeted all over, of the actual huge movable kaleidoscope that was inside (here a picture of maelle's hand inside)

Also spiral sound and wind, and a translator between your voice and a eletrical moontain (you words where translated in electrical sound by something turning on and turning off everything). A box with dark windows all around and there was a rock band playing inside for 6 hours a day and they just saw themself in the window while we could watch them in the eyes (I don't know if I'm expressing myself correctly hahaha *sigh*.

The last was puppy robot that mooves and laughs in reaction of the light (that was actualy really creepy)

Then the show. I wanted to se it because of Sexy Sushi (because I really like this band since I saw them in Nantes last september). The show was totaly crazy, there was disctincs parts. It starts by a futuristic, humanoide, nazy Mouse that explained us how awesome was the "future", but not so awesome at least. And then a kind of fat Mary Antoinette who was eating so much cheese with a lackey, and some message about world's history comming here and there.

Suddenly  a kind of a parody of a sexy sushi concert begin, it was noisy and dirty as usual but different. We were watching it, then some people get up, and then it was the end. Everyone goes back to there place.

Then a kind of Appolon act, sing, moove like a greekstatue, that was the strangest part.
 (and then we applause for a very very long time)

Let's it begin

So here I decided to start a new blog. Because the last one is going nowhere since a year or more and because everyone change (and designing a new blog is pretty exiting) so here we are.

Do I have to introduce myself? Not reallyyyy shhhh I'm Mollie / Adèle a twenty something french girl who believe in glitters.
I guess I'll talk mostly about what I do in my life with my very cool friends and you'll see hoow awesooommmeee is my life, hahem.

Anyway I guess it would be about some thrifts shops, things I buy, diy, zines, pictures I take things I think and plant I grow in my bedroom (actually pumkins and catnip) and also what's inspiring me.

I'll try to post an article a week at least maybe mooooore